Tuft and Needle Review

Last updated: January 30, 2017
Tuft and Needle Review

For many people, the support their mattress provides is inadequate. This can result in difficulty getting to sleep at night as well as chronic lower back pain. Recent developments in mattress design have resulted in different materials being used, such as memory foam. One of these newer foam-based designs is Tuft & Needle, a mattress that provides support, heat management, and comfort. This Tuft and Needle review will cover the benefits of using this mattress, frequently asked questions, and additional information about the manufacturer and the science behind their product.


Review of: Tuft and Needle

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Our Rating

So many happy customers can't be wrong!


Good price for the value.


Universal comfort makes it a great mattress for everyone.

We Like

  • Heat wicking prevents oven effect
  • Foam construction provides support and feels soft
  • 10-year warranty ensures long-term coverage
  • 100-night trial

We Don't Like

  • Less support for disproportionate bodies
  • Repackaging process extremely difficult

Summary: With 7000+ reviews on Amazon and a very high rating, it's safe to say people are very happy with their Tuft & Needle mattress. If you're not satisfied, you can return it after a 100-night trial.

What makes this mattress different from the others?

Tuft & Needle's mattresses are made entirely of a springy foam material. In the past, mattresses were made of fabric with metal coils inside to provide a balance of springiness and support. The foam used in making these mattresses are able to serve the same purpose as the original design, only more effectively.

Isn't this just memory foam?

While Tuft & Needle mattresses are similar to memory foam, they use a different process in the manufacture of their product. Memory foam is pure polyurethane that has been treated with extra chemicals. Tuft & Needle, however, implements other materials into their mattresses, such as gel and graphite. These mattresses have a solid support layer to prevent excessive sinking, also called the quicksand effect.

Won't it get hot after a while?

In many cases, yes, memory foam mattresses retain heat due to their changing shape. When a polyurethane mattress conforms to your body and makes you sink into it, heat is trapped inside, resulting in what is referred to as the oven effect. What Tuft & Needle mattresses do to prevent this is to use a breathable fabric covering, as well as to implement graphite in the construction of their foam. The graphite ensures that excess heat is wicked away from the body and absorbed in the rest of the mattress.

What if I don't like the mattress?

Tuft & Needle has a few guarantees in order to ensure you are fully satisfied with the mattress you order. Customers get 100 nights to try out the mattress.  This means that, if you are unsatisfied with the quality after three months, you can return it for a full refund. This is on top of a 10-year warranty so, in the event that something goes wrong with the mattress in that time span, you can have it replaced with no additional charge.

In addition to these satisfaction guarantees, Tuft & Needle manufacturers have a terrific customer support team. You can send an email or call to speak to a representative if you have an issue that needs resolution, and they place great emphasis on resolving customer issues. Many online Tuft and Needle mattress reviews have praised these support services, saying that the manufacturers have met their needs by giving free mattress toppers and facilitating easy pickup for faulty products.

One issue that customers have complained about in Tuft and Needle reviews is that they can't place their mattresses back in the boxes they came in. This is because they are vacuum sealed and highly compressed when shipped, so it is physically impossible to compress them back to the box size when attempting to make a return. This can be remedied by purchasing a larger box for shipping, or by scheduling a direct pickup through the manufacturer.

Is it really that important what mattress I use?

There is a great deal of scientific evidence that proves the importance of a good mattress. A study conducted by the Canadian Chiropractic Association found that different types of mattresses allowed for different distributions of pressure along the back and spine when sleeping, with the conclusion that inflatable and cushioned mattresses provide superior lumbar support which helps prevent lower back pain and injury.

Additionally, an article published by Harvard Medical School stated that a mattress that is either too hard or too soft can exacerbate lower back pain. The best course of action in this case is to find a mattress with the ideal blend of firmness and pliability, which is a balance that Tuft & Needle claims to have achieved.

What do customers think of Tuft and Needle mattresses?

Many people have tried these mattresses and left reviews of their experiences online, and the consensus has been overwhelmingly positive. Looking at a typical Tuft and Needle review online will state that it maintains a pleasant balance between cushion and support. Additionally, other reviews state that numb arms and stiff backs are no longer an issue for the customers, and they can enter and leave their beds without waking other people sleeping on them.

About the Manufacturer

Tuft & Needle was founded by two college acquaintances who were unsatisfied with the market for  mattresses. They felt that the entire process was too expensive and hostile to the customer. To combat this, they strove to create an ideal mattress with excellent customer support. All materials and manufacturing for Tuft & Needle mattresses is done in the United States, supporting the American economy and job market.

Tuft and Needle Review Conclusion

Different people have different back problems, and they sleep in different ways. This means that no one mattress will be perfect for every customer, and Tuft & Needle mattresses are no exception. However, the design philosophy for these mattresses is to ensure that they are ideal for the vast majority of customers, with concessions in place to address the concerns of those who are unsatisfied. Thanks to their generous 100-night guarantee, there is no downside to trying out these mattresses to see if they are right for you. I hope this Tuft and Needle mattress review has provided adequate information for you to make an informed decision as to whether or not this is the mattress for you.

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