ResMed Airfit N20 Review – New Nasal CPAP Mask

Last updated: January 30th, 2017
resmed airfit n20 review

What are nasal CPAP masks? They are the original sleep apnea CPAP mask. They are designed to only go over your nose, offering a less bulky feeling than a full-face CPAP mask. ResMed has been making the best nasal CPAP masks on the market for many years. They continued to improve their masks by releasing the Airfit N20 (check for prices on Amazon). In this ResMed Airfit N20 review, I will cover why this new nasal mask is worth buying.

ResMed has innovated the nasal mask cushion with InfinitySeal technology. That helps the cushion conform and mold to the contours of your face. This allows the cushion to fit all shapes and sizes of noses comfortably.

In this review of the AirFit N20 nasal CPAP mask, I will go over the features of this nasal mask and what makes it one of the best nasal CPAP masks on the market today.



  • InfinitySeal cushion
  • Soft frame
  • Open line of sight
  • Plush headgear
  • Magnetic clips
  • Quick release elbow

N20 Fit And Feel

​Before you even put on the mask, you will notice how light it is. At 2.85 ounces, the weight will barely even register when you have it on your face.

The new frame on the AirFit N20 is very flexible. Not only is the cushion soft, but also the frame itself is soft to the touch. On your initial fitting, it will immediately conform to the contours of your face and will flex as you move throughout the night. Since the frame stays on better with less movement when you move, you will find your skin does not get rubbed by the frame.  This means less irritation.​

This mask also has a slimmer profile which gives you better line of sight.​ In addition, the cushion is new. ResMed has brought back the polished silicon surface from the older models of AirFit. This surface helps the cushion stick to the face and gives you a great seal with less leakage as a result.

The cushion also conforms to your face for a great fit. The extra padding is a bit more sturdy than previous versions to help it stay put when your position changes. The area on the bridge of the nose is also much more comfortable. It was comfortable on the previous version of the AirFit nasal CPAP mask, but there was still a mark left on the bridge of the nose. You may still get a slight mark, but it won’t be uncomfortable and will go away quickly.​

Magnetic Clips Make Putting On And Taking Off A Breeze

​The best way to increase CPAP therapy compliance is to make comfortable and easy-to-use products. ResMed has done just that by adding magnetic clips. The clips from previous versions of the AirFit are no longer used. The new, improved version uses magnetic clips in place of the standard clips. This makes it so easy to take your mask off and get it back on quickly.

Once you have your headgear fit just the way you like, you won’t have to make further adjustments. The clips are such that they just snap right into place. Getting your mask secure takes only a few seconds. The magnets are strong enough that they only need to be close to each other to clasp together.

Don’t worry about them coming loose at night when you are moving around. They are strong enough to stay put no matter how much you move around.

If you have arthritis or anything else that affects your grip, then you will love how easy it is to unclasp your mask.

Detaching your hose from the elbow is now easier as well. New clasps on the side of the elbow snap right off. Those rubber-type clasps are no longer used and have been replaced with much sturdier ones that will also last longer. If you need to get up at night and don’t want to take your mask off, you don’t need to fumble around to get it detached from the hose.

The headgear itself is more comfortable thanks to the extra padding.  In addition, the material is also more breathable. For those of us who heat up when we sleep, that was a very welcome addition. Many times, I would wake up perspiring around  the straps on my head and face.​

There are four points of adjustment that allow for greater fine tuning of your fit. Eliminating leaks can be done with a few tweaks of the straps.​​

Sizing And Comfort​

At 2.85 ounces, this is one of the lightest nasal CPAP mask you can buy. When a mask is that light, you forget it is even on your face. This also makes it ideal to take with you when you travel.

​The increased flexibility combined with the small profile make this the most comfortable nasal CPAP mask. Of the patients tested, 88% said it was more comfortable than the other leading nasal masks.

​The cushions come in sizes small, standard, and wide to accommodate just about any size of face and head. There’s even an AirFit N20 for females. It is primarily the same mask with a few subtle differences that make it ideal for females.

​Your partner will benefit from the new AirFIt N20 as well. The new diffuser is much better at releasing the exhaust and makes much less noise. That will keep your partner sleeping soundly without any distractions.​

FAQ About The Airfit N20

​Q: How do I know what size to get for my face?

A. Use ResMed's size chart to find the right size for you. Don’t forget that it conforms to your face so, when you get the mask, you just need to tweak it a bit until you get the right fit.

Q: I breath through my mouth at night. Can I still get a nasal mask like the AirFit N20?

A. You may find that by simply getting the proper therapy, you stop breathing through your mouth. If it persists, then you could still get a nasal mask and use a chin strap.

Q: Can I travel with my AirFit N20?

A: Yes. It is so lightweight that it is ideal to take with you on your trip.

Q: How long will my AirFit N20 last before I need to replace it?​

​A: Most masks are meant to be replaced every six months. You may get less time than that with your mask, or you could get more time. It really depends. It is certainly built to last, however.

​Q: After months of use, I now no longer can keep a good seal no matter how much I adjust my mask. Do I need to replace it?

​A: It could certainly be time to replace it. Before you do, however, make sure that it is properly cleaned. If it hasn’t been cleaned in a while, it may not be able to hold a seal. Wash it in warm soapy water, and let it air dry. If the problem still persists, you may need to replace it.

ResMed Airfit N20 Review Conclusion

​ResMed has been the leader in CPAP therapy products for a long time. One of the reasons why is because they understand that comfort is important for your CPAP therapy.

​In this case, comfort isn’t about luxury. Since you will be doing your CPAP therapy for the rest of your life, you need your equipment to be as comfortable as possible so you continue your therapy. If your mask is uncomfortable, you may not be inclined to do your therapy, and your apnea will continue to cause you problems.

​The fact that the InfinitySeal of the new cushion fit 99% of the people tested says something about their approach to comfort. Being confident that your mask will fit and be comfortable is priceless.​

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Tyler Ricard says 6 years ago

my air fit n20 digs into my face

    Austin says 6 years ago

    Hi Tyler, have you tried adjusting the fit to alleviate this? Is this your first CPAP mask?

Carol Hale says 6 years ago

I have a very sensitive area on bridge of nose which cannot tolerate a lot of pressure. I have tried almost every cpap mask and all leave a sore on nose. As of now I am using the Dreamwear cpap mask and do like it but the back strap rides up the back of my head which wakes me up. I cannot tolerate nasal pillows!! Do you think this mask would benefit me? Am desperate as to what to do.

    Austin says 6 years ago

    Hi Carol,

    Unfortunately I can’t say for sure if this mask would be great for you. With the single strap that’s going across the face and using the nose as support, this might not be the best mask for you. The cushion is really soft and has built in support to avoid digging into the bridge on your nose, but it’s tough to tell how sensitive your bridge is compared to mine. Another mask that offers a lot of customization when it comes to fitting is the Eson (our review is here: There is actually a newer version of this CPAP mask, the Eson 2, but we have not reviewed it yet. For daily use, I use the Eson Nasal Mask and I’ve never had any issues with the bridge of my nose because there’s a second facial support strap that goes across your forehead to relieve pressure to your nose. Let me know if you have any more questions!

Anne says 6 years ago

What are the “few subtle differences” in the n20 for her that make it better for women? I have a very small head and face and nose. Are there fit differences in the headgear and face frame as well as the cushions?

Merrill budge says 5 years ago

I Just got a airfit n20 and I sleep on my side I find it is leaving red marks around my nose I was wondering what I could do to fix it

Emmitt says 3 years ago

Is the N20 safe to use with a programmable shunt ? My shunt can be effected by magnets.

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