Purple Pillow Review: A Revolutionary Design

Last updated: January 30, 2017
Purple Pillow Review

What if I told you that you can have a pillow that is cool on both sides? This Purple Pillow review will open your eyes to a unique pillow that could change the way you sleep. Described by the makers of the Purple Bed as a “bed for your head,” they took the same material used in their unique Purple Bed and made a pillow out of it.


Review of: ​​​Purple Pillow

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A revolutionary and innovative pillow


A little on the pricey side

Best Feature

The pillow's ability to stay cool on both sides

We Like

  • Stretchy food grade polymer
  • Never breaks down, always keeps it’s shape
  • Keeps you cool
  • No need to flip pillow
  • Gives great support
  • Customize the height
  • Breathable, washable cover
  • Polymer material can also be washed
  • One-year warranty

We Don't Like

  • More expensive than a traditional pillow
  • There is no perfect pillow for everyone so you might not enjoy this as much as others

Summary: The Purple pillow is an excellent pillow with cooling abilities and will never break down. It comes with a one-year warranty so the risk is very minimal. One great feature when buying is the ability to customize the height to get the exact size you want.

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What is the Purple Pillow?

The Purple Pillow is made by the same people who invented the Purple Bed, a unique bed that is topped with a layer of hyper elastic polymer that is shaped like a honeycomb.

The material allows the pressure points of your body, i.e. your shoulders and hips, to sink into the layer. The cells of the material collapse, and the pressure is directed away from your body.

The Purple Pillow is made from the same material in much the same way.

It is a stretchy, durable, non-toxic, food-grade material that is arranged in a grid made of hundreds of little triangular cells. It allows your head to rest comfortably on top of the pillow while the cells give way and mold to your contours.

Keep your cool

The unique grid of cells isn’t just for comfort. It also keeps you cool. Your body heat is whisked away from your head and contained in the cell chambers. In the case of most memory foam, your heat is just radiated back onto you causing you to overheat.

That is not the case with the Purple Pillow.

The cells allow the air to flow freely and out of the pillow.

No more turning your pillow over to rest on the cool side.

The cover is made out of a breathable polyester to help keep you cool, and it is also washable.

Adjustable Support

Your head will feel like it is being cradled when you sleep on the Purple Pillow, thanks to the triangular cells. When you put your head on this pillow, the walls collapse and take the pressure away in all directions. Molding around the contours of your head gives you support and keeps your neck aligned with your spine.

If you like to have some extra height, the pillow has an inflatable air booster included. Just blow  air into the pillow  to the height you like, making it a personalized pillow just for you.

Backside Bliss

The guys from the Purple company have just about every part of your body covered, including your butt and back.

You can even get yourself the Purple Cushion. It’s got the same material with a slightly different pattern. It’s also a bit thicker than the pillow.

As comfortable as this cushion is, it’s not just about spoiling your butt. It also works wonders on your lower back.

If you sit for long periods, you no doubt end up with a stiff back or even worse. Part of the problem is that your seat cushion doesn’t offer any support.

The Purple Cushion will give support on your pressure points and disperse the pressure from the weight of your upper body away from your lower back. Its unique design also helps keep your backside cool since it allows air flow just like with the pillow and the bed.

It comes with a machine washable cover, and the polymer material is also washable.

You can take the cushion anywhere. Use it in the car, your office, an airplane or anywhere that you will be sitting for awhile.

If you already have a back problem or are afraid you may end up with one, then this cushion deserves a try.

About the Purple Company

The Purple company was founded by two brothers, Tony and Terry Pearce. They spent years working in the aerospace industry and took that experience into the realm of sleep.

Using their knowledge, they developed the polymer that has completely changed how people sleep. Before they started their mattress company, many of the products they invented were used by companies like Nike, Johnson and Johnson, and Hill-Rom.

Purple Pillow Review Final Thoughts

It’s about time that technology has caught up with the pillow. I know I have had enough of pillows that get lumpy or flatten out quickly and need to be replaced. I have had too many memory foam pillows that just aren’t supportive enough and make me sweat.

There are other new types of pillows out there that also do a great job at giving support and keeping you cool. But, this pillow is completely different.

The material has a nice bounce to it. In other words, it is a little springy. It is soft and firm at the same time; it is soft enough to be very comfortable and firm enough to give the needed support. The only drawback is that you may struggle with the urge to flip the pillow over even when you don’t need to. After years of adjusting your pillow and trying to get it just right, it may feel strange to actually just lie there and not need to move it around. Since the pillow has a one-year warranty, it is definitely worth a try since there is no risk if you don’t like it.

It is a bit on the pricey side. If it works and helps you get the rest you have been craving, then it is well worth the cost. Considering how often your pillow needs to be changed, it may just pay for itself over time.

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