Fisher & Paykel Eson Nasal Mask Review – Best Nasal CPAP Mask

Fisher & Payel Eson Nasal Mask Review
Last updated: January 4th, 2017

The Eson nasal mask is one of the most popular CPAP masks available. It is one of the top rated CPAP masks on Amazon. It is made with high quality medical grade equipment that allows people affected by sleep apnea to sleep comfortably. In this Fisher & Paykel Eson nasal mask review, I will cover why this is one of the best nasal CPAP masks on the market.



The Eson nasal mask offers multiple velcro straps to help customize the fit to your head and face. On the frame, there are two quick clip spots which allow you to easily attach or detach the nasal mask. This is a great feature so you don't have to adjust the velcro straps ever again. It is very lightweight and comfortable, and it adapts well to your movements while you sleep.

​Besides offering a comfortable fit, the Eson is whisper quiet. It features a soft foam diffuser over the exhalation port, making this the quietest CPAP mask. Once you achieve a tight seal, the only noise you'll hear is your CPAP machine. This product is a great choice if you or your partner is a light sleeper.

To buy a complete set of the F&P Eson Nasal Mask on Amazon, use the following links:

Eson Mask & Cushion

​Eson Headgear


  • Comfortable headgear
  • Diffuser makes it whisper quiet
  • Clips allow it to be put on and taken off easily
  • Hose swivel allows for hose to be in any position
  • Easy to clean


  • Clips make it easy for you to take it off during your sleep
  • Straps can get tangled easily if you don't store it correctly

Eson Mask Parts

The F&P Eson mask is not sold as an individual unit; rather, it is made up of three pieces. All of these pieces attach together easily and can be replaced individually if needed. Below, I have listed all of the parts you will need to buy for the complete kit. Buying them online is much cheaper than through a durable medical equipment supplier.

Eson Nasal Mask Cushion

The cushion is the actual piece that covers your nose. When your CPAP machine is on, the air pressure will push the cushion against your face and create a solid and comfortable seal. The material is very flexible, so it maintains a seal even as you roll around from your back to your side. The edge that rests on your nose's bridge is very flexible and will fit many shapes of noses well.

The cushion comes in three sizes to fit small, medium, and large faces, so the cushion will fit just about anyone.​ Click on the button below to buy replacement cushions.


The headgear is the soft fabric that wraps around your head. It has adjustable velcro straps to keep your nasal mask stabilized during sleep. It is flexible as well, allowing maximum head movement. The headgear is latex free. This headgear is thin and will not disturb your sleep.

Simply unhook one of the clips to take it off. When you put it back on, slide it over your head, clasp the clip on, and it’s done.

The headgear comes in two sizes: small and medium/large to fit most head sizes. The straps are a bit stretchy to give you a great fit no matter how large your head might be.


The frame is the part of the machine that the headgear, cushion, and CPAP hose connect to. It has quick connect clips making it easy to attach or remove the headgear during the night. The hose attachment is easy to connect and disconnect  as well.

What makes the Fisher and Paykel Eson mask a great choice for nasal masks is the fact that it is low profile. It covers the nose well but still allows for good line of sight. Some masks can be a bit large and block some of your vision. With this mask, you are able to see your alarm clock, partner, TV, or whatever you need to see without having to strain or take the mask off.

The connection of the hose to the mask has a ball swivel that turns 360 degrees. Some people like to have the hose go over their heads while others prefer it to the side or even underneath.

Whichever position you like, you can get the right angle without any issues. Tangled hoses are also something that rarely happens due to the smooth rotation of the ball swivel.

Different Sizes

No matter what size headgear or cushion you pick, all sizes are compatible.

  • Headgear comes in two sizes: Small and medium/large.
  • The nasal cushions come in three sizes: Small, medium, and large.
  • ​The frame only comes in one size and is compatible with any size of headgear and cushion.

Sleep Positions

I recommend sleeping on your back when using a nasal mask. It is possible to sleep on your side, but I've noticed it increases the chance of air leaks. The solution to this is to tighten your straps to guarantee a snug fit. This is all personal preference, of course.

Setting Up Your CPAP Nasal Mask

First, attach the headgear's velcro straps to the top of the frame extension. Next, take your cushion and connect it to the back of the frame, with the longer side pointing up toward the frame extension. You will know its inserted correctly when you hear it "click."

Next, put the headgear around your head and the cushion over your nose; then attach the "quick clips" on the left and right side of the frame. Make any adjustments as needed to ensure a snug but comfortable fit.

Once you have it to your desired tightness and fit, you will only need to adjust it occasionally when it requires a bit of tightening. Otherwise, just unclip it and slide it off in the morning and slide it back on at night. Then, clip it back in. It's that easy!​

Fitting the F&P Eson Nasal Mask

Watch the video below for easy instructions for fitting your CPAP nasal mask comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a prescription to buy a CPAP mask?

You do not need a prescription to buy these products from Amazon or any other online retailer. All parts and replacement parts are listed as a "prescription free products."

Is this a good mask for mouth breathers?​

I originally started with a full-face CPAP mask because I was a mouth breather. I quickly returned the full mask because it was uncomfortable, and I picked up the Eson nasal mask. I've noticed my body naturally keeps my mouth closed once I am able to breathe well while sleeping, and I suspect yours will too.

How do I stop air leaks?

​If you are getting air leaks while sitting up or while not in a position you normally sleep in, do not worry about this. If you get air leaks while in a normal sleep position, the quickest way to solve the problem is to tighten one of the headgear straps. Only make adjustments one at a time and test again.

Make sure your mask isn't too tight, as sometimes loosening the headgear will be your solution.​ If you are still getting leaks, check your cushion for tears; it might need to be replaced.

Is This CPAP Mask For Men With Beards?

CPAP nasal pillows are recommended for men with beards but, if your mustache isn't too thick, this mask could work just fine for you.

I'm claustrophobic, can I still use a nasal mask?

The Fisher and Paykel Eson nasal mask is a great choice for those who feel claustrophobic when wearing a full-face CPAP mask. Its small profile does not block your line of sight. That’s not only convenient for when you need to see something and don’t want to have to take the mask off, but also keeps you from feeling enclosed.

How well does this work for side sleepers?

The Fisher and Paykel Eson nasal mask is a great choice for side sleepers due to the rotating swivel ball where the hose connects to the frame. This allows you to move the hose wherever you like it to be. You might need to readjust your headgear tightness to avoid leaks from the new sleep position.

Replacement CPAP Mask Parts For Your Eson

You can buy replacement parts for your Eson mask, whether you need just the cushion, headgear, or frame.

Cleaning Your Mask

Fisher & Paykel have provided an easy to follow disinfecting and sterilization guide that provides excellent instructions on keeping your CPAP mask clean. With how easily you can disassemble all of the parts, you won't have any issue keeping your parts cleaned.

F&P Eson Nasal Mask Product Manual

Click here to download the product manual.

Eson Nasal Mask Review - Overall Thoughts

I personally use this and find it to be the best CPAP mask on the market. It is the best nasal mask available for people with sleep apnea. During my sleep study, I had 104 events per hour. After using this mask, I dropped to 0.6 events per hour. It is perfect for people who sleep on their backs and can also be used for side sleepers.

Buying this from a durable medical equipment company cost me way too much money, so I suggest you buy this nasal CPAP mask online from Amazon or other retailers and save yourself a lot of money.

I hope this Fisher & Paykel Eson Nasal Mask review answered all of your questions. If you have any questions, leave a message below.

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