DreamStation Auto CPAP Review

Last updated: January 28, 2017
DreamStation Auto CPAP Review

Your body changes over time and, as it changes, your sleep apnea also changes. It can get better or get worse. Wouldn’t it be nice if your CPAP machine could change too? The DreamStation Auto CPAP machine automatically responds to changes in your breathing by adjusting the air pressure setting. That’s just one of the many features that sets this CPAP machine apart and makes it the best auto CPAP machine on the market. In this DreamStation Auto CPAP review, I will go over the many benefits you will enjoy when using this truly advanced unit.



  • Opti-Start-corrects apnea events early
  • A-Flex-Decreases pressure on exhale for comfort
  • Automatic On/Off
  • Altitude adjustment
  • Very quiet-26.5 decibels


  • LCD screen is very bright in a dark room
  • LCD screen is small

Features of the DreamStation Auto CPAP

Auto adjusting pressure

The DreamStation Auto understands when you are having an event and will increase pressure as needed. It also monitors your breathing throughout the night and will decrease pressure if it senses that you can handle a lowers pressure without affect.

If you respond well to the lower pressure, it will decrease it again. Any gasping will be recorded, and it will resort to the last pressure level. This makes for much smoother breathing. In conjunction with the Opti-Start, it can give you a much more comfortable experience.

The auto adjusting pressure makes this a great CPAP machine for those who do not want to do a sleep study. If you believe you have sleep apnea and want to try a CPAP machine without incurring all of the medical expenses of a sleep study, the DreamStation Auto CPAP machine is the best pick for you.

Automatic on/off

DreamStation starts when you put your mask on and begin breathing. Trying to put on a mask in a dark bedroom is not easy. This machine is great for people who want to have their bedroom ready and just get into bed and put their mask on without it already pumping air. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the auto off feature can lead to your machine shutting off at night if your mask is leaking. This is an option which can be disabled.

Mask Fit Check

The DreamStation CPAP detects when there is a leak in the mask and indicates it on the LCD screen. Simply adjust the mask, and the unit will let you know when a good seal is achieved.

While you are sleeping, the machine will record what percentage of the night there were leaks and give a score. Your doctor will then understand if you are only getting partial therapy due to a leaky mask.

When you do have a leaky mask while you are asleep and don’t adjust the fit, the machine will compensate with extra air pressure to try to make sure you are still getting the proper therapy.


The Opti-Start feature analyzes your last night’s sleep performance. It then starts your next night at 90% of the top pressure recorded the night before. It basically takes the data and decides on what pressure will work best going forward. It does this every night, so the next session is optimized based on past performance.​

Snore Detection

Snoring should be a thing of the past when you start CPAP therapy. If you do snore, it means that you are only getting partial therapy.

By registering the vibrations of snoring, it will alert your doctor in the sleep report that snoring occurred. With some investigating, the problem can be solved. Without that feature, you might not even know that you have been snoring at night.

A-Flex Pressure Relief

Breathing is much more comfortable thanks to the A-Flex feature. As you exhale, the pressure decreases and then increases as you inhale. It tries to make your breathing with a CPAP as natural as possible to make it feel like you aren’t even using the machine.


The DreamStation CPAP machine is small and compact. If you leave out the humidifier, you can easily travel with it.

At 7.6 in wide x 6.2 in long x 3.3 in height, it can be brought on board a plane or packed in a backpack. In addition, it only weighs 1.56 pounds so it won’t slow you down. That’s great news for somebody on a budget who doesn’t want to have to buy a special travel CPAP machine.

Automatic Altitude Adjustment

If you end up taking your CPAP on a trip with you and the elevation is higher than your home, the machine will adjust the pressure accordingly for altitudes up to 7,500 feet.

Just as water has a different boiling point temperature the higher you go, the air pressure is also different, and the machine must account for that.

Dream Mapper App

You don’t need to be a sleep technician to understand the data from your sleep performance thanks to the Dream Mapper app. Bluetooth technology sends the data to your smartphone, tablet, or computer for you to evaluate how you’re doing.

It gives you feedback on your AHI, mask fit, and the overall time you received therapy. Also included in the app are motivational alerts, troubleshooting advice, and educational videos to help keep you involved in your therapy. Find out more at www.dreammapper.com.

Optional Humidifier and Heated Hose

Sufferers of dry mouth and sinuses will find relief if they order the optional heated humidifier.

If you aren’t sure how much moisture you need, there is an automatic function that will adjust the heat levels according to the ambient humidity that the machine detects.

Manual settings can be made if you feel like the automatic mode is either giving you too much or not enough humidity in the air. Once you settle on the ideal setting, it will stay at a constant level through the night.

The pre-heat function will give your humidifier a head start to getting the water in the chamber warm before you put your mask on. Up to 30 minutes before you go to bed, simply turn it on and you will receive your ideal temperature air immediately when you put on your mask.

There is an option for a heated hose to reduce the air droplets from forming in standard hoses. If you often have water entering your mask, it is a good idea to go for the optional heated hose to stop condensation from occurring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a prescription to buy a DreamStation Auto CPAP?

No, a prescription is not required to buy an auto CPAP machine. You can buy one online from Amazon.com or Cpap.com without a prescription.​ Some online retailers do require a prescription, but not all of them do. If you intend to buy it from a Durable Medical Equipment supplier who works with your sleep doctor then, yes, you will need a prescription. 

What size is the hose? Will it fit onto any mask?

​You must use a slim style 15mm diameter hose. Make sure the mask that you buy can be fitted with that hose.

Is the Dream Mapper app available on both Apple and Android devices?​

​Yes. Go to your Apple App Store or your Google Play app and download the software right onto your phone. You can also access it on your computer.

How do I clean it?

Read our detailed guide on how to clean your CPAP machine.​

Can I travel with the DreamStation Auto CPAP machine?

Yes. The machine is compact, lightweight, and can be used with a DC cable adapter to plug into a car lighter port.​

Getting The Most Out Of Your DreamStation

Setting up your DreamStation is very easy. You may even have your sleep technician do it for you.

One word of advice is to not change any of the settings that your doctor has set without first consulting him or her. There are many settings that are adjustable by the user, such as the humidity and whether or not you want to use the ramp feature, etc.

Make sure you download the Dream Mapper app to be able to see for yourself how your sleep performance is going. It’s very easy to understand. If you see some irregularities, then you should consult with your doctor to see how the settings should be changed to optimize your therapy.

Every couple of months, you should check your air filter. If you have one that is washable, make sure you wash it regularly to keep your machine performing at its peak.

Luckily, there is not much you need to do to maintain your DreamStation CPAP machine.

DreamStation Auto CPAP Warranty

​Philips Respironics offers a limited 2 year warranty. The warranty covers against manufacturer defects.

DreamStation Auto CPAP Review - Final Thoughts

After reading this DreamStation Auto CPAP review, I hope you have come to understand how Philips Respironics has designed this machine with ultimate comfort in mind. All of the features included make this the best auto CPAP machine you can buy today.

You’re not spoiling yourself by thinking of your comfort when it comes to shopping for the best CPAP machine. Comfort is essential.

You will be wearing this mask for the rest of your life. If it is not comfortable and you don’t like using your CPAP, you won’t be getting the proper therapy. This is therapy that you literally cannot live a healthy and productive life without.

I think the comfort you get from the DreamStation CPAP is just as important as the functionality of the machine.

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Charles Snyder says 4 years ago

I agree with all that’s been said about the actual DreamMachine..MACHINE. But the humidifier water reservoir is a piece of junk! I am now forced to buy my fourth reservoir in just a bit over a year!!
I have been meticulously careful with these reservoirs only using distilled water, never dropped or otherwise subjected them to rough handling, etc. In fact, I rarely even use the DreamMachine humidifier with the heater turned on. They simply crack and leak on to the heating element. “Top of the line??” I cannot agree until this obvious weak area is addressed and corrected

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