An In-Depth Look at Biblical Dream Interpretation

Last updated: April 3, 2017
Biblical Dream Interpretation

Have you been having some very confusing, upsetting, or even troubling dreams and you are wondering what they mean to your Christian faith? You are not alone. Millions of Christians around the world dream every night, and many of their dreams include strange imagery and vague ideas that are hard to decipher and understand without help.

That's why it is so important to comprehend Christian dream interpretation. This process is an important part of gauging the meaning of your dreams and how they can influence your life. To many more hard line Christians, this may seem heretical or against Biblical teachings. However, gauging Christian dream meanings is a major part of the Biblical tradition.

In this comprehensive article, you are going to learn why a Biblical interpretation of dreams is okay, how it is an essential part of Christian tradition, and ways it can help you understand your faith on a deeper level. Don't be afraid to dig into your unconscious mind and discover what it is trying to tell you. There's a chance God may be communicating to you in some way.


Is Christian Dream Interpretation Against the Bible?

Dreams and their deeper meanings are a critical part of the Bible and its history. Just think of Jacob and his many prophetic dreams. These dreams were an important part of what made Jacob such a blessed character in the Bible.

Jacob's dreams were beautifully symbolic and told important stories and lessons in a way that most dreams do. The strands of straw bowing to him showed his future as a famous ruler.

His other dreams predicted significant aspects of his life and the life of his family. While not all dreams are going to be prophetic like those of Jacob, there is a strong tradition of Biblical dream interpretation, so you don't have to worry about offending anyone in your church or your pastor by pursuing dream interpretation.

While it is possible that some members of your church may think your pursuits are wrong, you can always discuss the dreams of prominent figures like Nebuchadnezzar, Solomon, and even the beautiful story of Joseph being visited by angels before Jesus' birth. Showcasing Biblical dreams often reminds these people that God communicates to his followers while they sleep.

The most important part of gauging Christian dream meanings is to do it in a way that is suitable for your beliefs and those of the Bible. There are definite signs, symbols, and metaphors created by dreams. That is why a Biblical interpretation of dreams is so important to consider. Many symbols and concepts can contribute to an improved understanding of the spiritual world around you.

What are Dreams?

Before discussing the symbols behind dreams, it is worth discussing the nature of dreams. While most doctors and scientists aren't sure why we dream, most are in agreement that dreams are our unconscious mind's way of communicating important ideas to us. On a basic level, dreams are a compilation of the day's events, important beliefs brewing below the surface of our mind, and concerns that are plaguing us.

The reason dreams can be so confusing is that the unconscious mind does not work in the same way that the conscious mind does. It takes all of the information in our mind and presents it in a way that has a profound meaning to it.

However, it doesn't always present it in a way that is logical to the conscious mind. How often have you woke up in the middle of the night after a dream and tried to understand the strange circumstances behind it?

For example, someone who has just recently lost a loved one may find themselves engaged in a lengthy discussion with that loved one over dinner. This dinner may then turn into a family reunion on a boat without any transition or noticeable change.

During the dream, your loved one may do something simple or innocuous that fills you with emotion. For example, your loved one may kiss you on the forehead or pat you on the back. That simple act may inspire you to wake up with tears of joy in your eyes.

In a dream, simple actions and strange imagery such as this include rich emotion and a depth of meaning that the conscious mind cannot grasp. Interpreting your dreams can help you understand what your unconscious mind is trying to tell you and what lessons you are supposed to learn.

Good dream interpretation is all about understanding that dreams are a communication between your conscious and unconscious mind. Biblical dream interpretation is essential for Christians because it can interpret your dreams according to God's word and make it more in line with your beliefs.

In fact, there are many shared symbols and metaphorical ideas inherent in Christian dreams. Understanding these ideas, and how to decipher them, can make your Christian dream interpretation more useful and accurate. But what are some common symbols shared in Christian dreams?

Commonly Shared Christian Dream Symbols

Christians who have spiritual dreams find common symbols, ideas, and events occurring in their dreams. That is because God is inspiring your dreams and trying to communicate important ideas to you. Many of these symbols will describe and illuminate important aspects of your spiritual faith on a deeply emotional level.

Home Dreams

Houses are a very typical Christian dream image. The state of the house is often indicative of the nature of your spiritual beliefs. Take an empty house as an example. A home that has no furniture, no people, or is suffering from a broken down state indicates a lack of spirituality or a breakdown in your faith.

When you have this dream, the Lord is trying to communicate that you are wandering from the path of righteousness and that he wants to bring you back to the fold. However, a home filled with people celebrating is often a sign of strong spiritual progress.

Associating your home with positive feelings in this way indicates that your spiritual state is stable and that you are happy with your life. The Lord is letting you know that he is pleased with you, your beliefs, and the ways that you are pursuing them. Having a dream like this is emotionally powerful because it is like a direct communication with our savior.

Dreams of Nakedness

The Biblical dream interpretation process doesn't stop at houses. Take into account the nakedness dreams that so many of us have had. Nakedness is a state of intimacy that can be very troubling for many people to experience.

If you have dreamed of being naked in school or at work, you know how awful these dreams can feel. They are telling you that you feel exposed or vulnerable in these locations in a way that may or may not be positive.

However, nakedness as a Biblical dream symbol is a little different. It represents an intimacy with God that can be beautiful. When you stand before God in a naked state, you are surrendering to him.

It is your unconscious mind telling you to give your life to God and to accept His presence in your life. However, dreams of the nakedness of other people can be indicative of something else entirely.

The nakedness of Jesus is a particularly telling dream image. If you dream that Jesus was standing naked before you, that is God directly communicating that He wants a greater intimacy with you and your soul.

In a sense, He is beckoning you to join Him and accept Him as your savior. Few dreams are more vital for a Christian to note than a dream of the nakedness of Jesus. Don't be embarrassed or confused by such dreams but accept them as essential communication from our savior.


One of the most recognizable symbols you'll find in Christian dream meaning is that of snakes or the serpent. We all know the story of how the serpent tempted Adam and Eve to eat at the Tree of Knowledge. Since then, the snake has been a symbol of the Enemy i.e. Satan. Dreams of snakes are often an omen of danger or dangerous problems occurring in your life.

They can also represent temptation and the ways it is trying to get ahold of your life. Snakes represent the allure of Satan and his methods of tempting you away from a righteous life.

When you dream of snakes, take a moment to look at the current events around you. Are you suffering from any severe form of temptation that may be drawing you from a Christian life? These temptations can be something as overt as pursuing another one's spouse or as minor as skipping church that Sunday.

Often, Satan tries to get you to stray from a good life in subtle ways. Pay very close attention to anything that is tempting you from a Christian life and avoid it. While snake dreams can be a very frightening experience for many Christians, understand that it is your unconscious mind and God warning you away from dangerous circumstances.


Water is an important Christian spiritual symbol. It represents life and the act of spiritual cleansing. Just think of the act of baptism. By giving yourself over to the waters of God, you are washing yourself of sin and accepting him into your heart. Like with any symbol, the context of a water dream will change what it means.

For example, being immersed in water in the way of a baptism indicates a need for spiritual cleansing. Perhaps you've strayed a little bit from a Christian life in small ways. Your unconscious mind may feel guilt about it, so it and God send an image of baptism to you. This dream reminds you of the importance of your Christian beliefs and focuses on the right path.

However, dreams of rushing water can be a positive image. This type of dream shows that you have God's blessing and are rich with the Holy Spirit. Feeling intense positive feelings during these dreams is a sign that you have God's blessing. Negative feelings associated with rushing water may indicate a fear that connection with the Holy Spirit is passing you.

Let God Communicate His Essence to You

Christian dream interpretation is not a heretical act or something that you need to be ashamed of pursuing. Many Christian dream meanings can communicate important parts of your physical and spiritual life.

Pursuing Christian dream interpretation by talking to your pastor or a dream specialist is a great way of understanding your life and how God is communicating via your unconscious mind.

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