4 Of The Best Stuffed Animals For Your Child

Last updated: January 25, 2017

Stuffed animals belonging to babies and children are often the toys that are remembered for decades. We all remember those cute stuffed animals that accompanied us through our younger years and, as parents, we like to pass that feeling on to our little ones. With this in mind, we will suggest some of the best stuffed animals that your children will love and cherish for years to come.

Picking the next stuffed animal for your little one can be tough so, with this in mind, we have picked four excellent choices that your child is guaranteed to love. These toys range from a set of precocious elephants, a sloth, and a gaggle of jungle friends. Each toy is designed to last and to be a constant companion for a little one.

Let's take a look at our four stuffed animal choices and find out why they are excellent choices for your baby or child.





Our Rating

Aurora 0 World Lil Benny Phant Review

Aurora 0 World Lil Benny Phant


  1. 9" Tall
  2. Very soft plush
  3. Kids love this plush toy
  4. Also great for all ages
Redi Plush Assorted Stuffed Jungle Animals Set of 6 Review

Redi Plush Assorted
Stuffed Jungle Animals Set of 6


  1. Set of 6
  2. Wide variety
  3. 8.5" Tall
  4. Very soft
Wild Republic Cuddlekin Three Toed Sloth 12" Plush Review

Wild Republic Cuddlekin
Three Toed Sloth 12" Plush


  1. Made with quality fabric
  2. 12" Plush Toy
  3. Great for cuddling
Naturally Nature Stuffed Plush Elephant Pillow Review

Naturally Nature Stuffed
Plush Elephant Pillow


  1. 24" Tall
  2. Is a toy and a pillow
  3. Very cuddly
  4. 100% cotton

Aurora 0 World Lil Benny Phant

  • 9" Tall
  • Very soft plush
  • Kids love this plush toy
  • Also great for all ages
Best Overall

Aurora Plush is a company that seeks to bring a child's imagination to life. As one of the global leaders in creating some of the best stuffed animals, Aurora's gifts and toys can be found around the world in some of the top markets. As a matter of fact, you can find many of their cute stuffed animals for sale in zoos, theme parks, and department stores. Their Aurora 0 World Lil Benny Phant/Grey Plush is a gentle reminder of how precious  baby elephants are and how soulful this critically endangered species can be. Aurora has been crafting plush animals like Benny for over 30 years, so you know that he will be a great plushy toy for your little one.

The first thing that you'll notice about Lil Benny Phant is his incredibly expressive and soulful eyes. He's always staring slightly upward almost in anticipation, which makes him look even more adorable. Lil Benny is about nine inches tall and is very lightweight, so your child can take Benny along on all of the early adventures of life. Benny's default position is sitting down with his front legs pressed in front of him and between his back legs. His whole body position is adorable and really displays a sense of precociousness in Benny's demeanor.

Despite his default pose, Benny can be posed in any way that your child desires so that Benny can be front-and-center in your little one's imagination. He can be made to dance, walk, or simply lounge with your child. When it comes to overall feel, Lil Benny Phant is very plush and soft; his legs are floppy and can be posed in a plethora of different positions. Benny doesn't really stay up when sitting down without being propped up, so this might be a bit concerning considering that he comes in a sitting position.


  • Benny is really soft. Your child will love to simply hold this fuzzy-feeling elephant plush at all times.
  • Benny's eyes are absolutely adorable. He'll be a centerpiece of conversation among your child's friends.
  • His floppy ears, arms, and legs make Lil Benny Phant a perfect cuddle friend for children between the ages of three and 15, but don't let this limit you, Benny can be a friend to all age groups.
  • He's so comfortable feeling that anyone who takes a few minutes with Lil Benny Phant will feel their worries melt away.


  • Benny simply refuses to sit down. If you place him in a sitting position on relatively level ground, he's inclined to fall over. He really needs to be propped up for the perfect sitting position.

Does Benny come in any other colors?

There are additional colors of Benny available. We really liked the default gray, but you can find Benny in pink and light blue as well.

Redi Plush Assorted Stuffed Jungle Animals Set of 6

  • Set of 6
  • Wide variety
  • 8.5" Tall
  • Very soft
Best Deal

Redi Plush has a wide variety of plush friends for you to select for your child. They have a plethora of teddy bears, zebras, and elephants that could easily go with Benny or our other stuffed elephant, and even some mischievous monkeys. Each of the toys is very plush and comfortable to hold with none of them having any hard areas or sharp edges that would be unfriendly to a small child. The second product that we're covering in our review is a set of six plushy friends that will provide your little one with a gaggle of companions to go on adventures with.

As mentioned, there are six unique companions in this set of stuffed animals. The fact that you get six animal companions with this set makes this a great option, especially if you are looking for cheap stuffed animals that are high quality, durable, and soft. The animal friends are as follows:

  • Lion – The lion in this set is adorable. He's very soft and plush and has a wild mane on top of his head. Like all of the animals in this set, his limbs move very easily so that you can pose him as you want. If your child likes a free-spirited pal, this is a great lion for him or her.
  • Zebra – The second jungle animal in the set is a zebra. The zebra is just as soft and plushy as the lion but is covered with expressive stripes. One of the most adorable features on the zebra is his tiny zebra mane that is black and appears at the top of his head.
  • Giraffe – The regal giraffe in this set of jungle animals is spotted and actually feels a little softer than some of the other jungle friends. This giraffe has a very satisfied smile that is simply adorable and friendly looking. His spots are also an endearing feature that your child is bound to love.
  • Monkey – The mischievous monkey of the set has a cute smile that your little one will adore. He has wide-set feet and a soft body construction that makes him very cuddly. Your baby or child will love his little adorable ears.
  • Tiger – The ferocious tiger has small stripes and a stoic look that is great for a little boy. He is very soft so your child can get as rough as they want with this stuffed animal.
  • Leopard – The leopard in the jungle set has the most colors of the bunch and looks innocent and adorable. Once again, this plush is nice and soft so that a young child can play with it safely.


  • If you are looking for a few stuffed animals for your child to choose from, this is a great way to get a bunch of toys for your child at once.
  • Each stuffed animal is soft and comfortable and differs enough that your little one will have a wide variety to choose from.
  • Each is large enough for older kids; each stuffed animal is 9.5 inches in height. This is an ideal size for a little one to easily carry the stuffed animals from place to place.
  • There's a lot of soft articulation on the animal's limbs so that your child can adventure with their pals and move them around to whatever pose that they would like.


  • These animals don't sit well by themselves, though it's not impossible.

Are these tough enough for my toddler?

This set of jungle animals is very well constructed. It would be very hard for anyone, even a toddler, to pull out the stitching on these toys. This is a great feature for relatively inexpensive stuffed animals.

What's the age range for these stuffed animals?

This set of stuffed animals is recommended for children five years and up.

Wild Republic Cuddlekin Three Toed Sloth 12" Plush

  • Made with quality fabric
  • 12" Plush Toy
  • Great for cuddling

Ever since Ice Age and Sid the Sloth hit the theaters, the sloth has had a place in the hearts of our children. Wild Republic, which is a company that has been creating some of the best stuffed animals relating to nature since 1979, is dedicated to helping children learn about the animals that live in our midst. They knew that the three-toed sloth would be a hit for youngsters, so they created this cute stuffed animal to give them a friend that is perfect for cuddling.

This cute sloth is one of the small stuffed animals that your child will love sleeping with, taking on rides in the car, and simply carrying with them wherever they go. The little guy is only about 12-inches long, so you can easily pack it in your child's travel bag as well. The best part is that this little guy is set at a good price.

This three-toed sloth is designed with a realistic look. He has a fluffy coat that is soft and comfortable to cuddle. His facial features are highly detailed, and the fur around his face is actually shorter than the rest of his fur so that your child can see his cute face. The sloth is filled with extra plush stuffing that is a real comfort to your child.

Real sloths tend to spend the majority of their days hanging upside down from the tree tops so, to recreate this unique feature, the back legs are angled in a way that would accommodate this lifestyle. When the sloth is in a sitting position, the legs of the animal point inward. You can easily see the three toes on each of the sloth's paws, and your child can take his long arms and wrap them around their neck to cuddle and play.


  • This stuffed sloth is extremely soft, so your child will not be injured during play.
  • This sloth is really cute, so your little one will become attached quickly. The sloth is the perfect size for travel, so if your child does love this little guy, it is easy to take with you.
  • This stuffed toy is very well made; the stitching is secure enough to wash in a washing machine on the gentle cycle. Do not dry the stuffed sloth because a tumble in the dryer could melt his beady little eyes.


  • The fibers of his fur can become a bit ragged over time, but gently brushing his fur should solve the issue and detangle any knots that have formed in his fur.
  • The toy does shed a bit, but nothing too noticeable. To help minimize the shedding of this toy, simple brush through his fur a few times before giving it to your little one.

Since this stuffed sloth has such long arms, does he have Velcro on his hands so that he can hold on while playing with my child?

No, there is no Velcro on the hands of the sloth. Your child will need to use their imagination if they want the sloth to hang from their neck.

Is the sloth filled with stuffing or microbeads?

The majority of the sloth's body is filled with stuffing, but the microbeads can be found in his hands and feet as well as in the bottom so that it can sit upright.

Is the stuffed sloth hypoallergenic?

It is made from synthetic materials, so it most likely will not cause any allergy-related issues with your child.

Can you wash this stuffed animal in a washing machine?

It can be placed in a washing machine, but only on the delicate cycle. It can also be easily washed by hand. Always air dry this toy because the heat of the dryer is too much for this stuffed toy.

Naturally Nature Stuffed Plush Elephant Pillow

  • 24" Tall
  • Is a toy and a pillow
  • Very cuddly
  • 100% cotton

The next stuffed animal on this list is created by Naturally Nature, which is a company that is dedicated to making things that youngsters need as they grow into toddlers and eventually school-aged children. This is an elephant stuffed animal pillow, which makes it the second elephant on our list. A lot of children love Dumbo, so this stuffed animals for babies will give your child the same type of companionship. He cannot fly of course, but he will become a lifetime companion.

This fluffy little fellow is made from 100 percent cotton. The cotton is hypoallergenic so that it is safe for your child. He is soft, snuggly, and about two feet tall, so he will be a large stuffed animal that your baby will love. The elephant is so large that he can be used as a prop for your little one or a pillow as they visit la-la land.

Elephants make cute stuffed animals, especially when they are bigger than your child. As your baby grows into a toddler, the elephant will be more their size and, as they continue to grow, the stuffed elephant that used to be a pillow in their crib will become a companion that they must have nearby. It is rare that a child will forget their first large stuffed toy, and an elephant is a perfect companion for your little one to love for years. The trunk of this elephant is long, and you can wrap it around your baby as he or she falls to sleep. The oversized ears and the wrinkled skin look just like a real life elephant; he even has tusks at the base of his trunk.


  • The fabric this elephant is made from is very soft, which adds an additional layer of comfort for a child who uses him as a pillow.
  • The size of this elephant is perfect for toddlers to cuddle during nap time, but it is suggested that they are supervised when the elephant is taking a nap with them.
  • It is a soft and cuddly friend that is made durable enough to stick around for the majority of your youngster's childhood.


  • Since this stuffed elephant is a full 24 inches long, it may not be great for road trips or family outings.

Is this stuffed elephant hypoallergenic?

Yes, the cotton inside the toy is chosen specifically to ensure that your child does not have an allergic reaction to the material that it is made from.

Is the elephant safe for my child to use as a pillow?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to be used as a pillow; in fact, that is what it was designed for. It is suggested that you supervise younger children when they sleep with this stuffed animal.

Do I need to wash the elephant by hand?

No, this stuffed elephant can be placed in the gentle cycle of any washing machine. Make sure to use warm water and keep the bleach out of the washing machine. It can be tumbled dry but on the lowest setting possible. You can also wash it by hand if you prefer.

Can I use this large stuffed elephant to prop my baby up so that they can see around?

Yes, but make sure that your young one is ready to sit up on their own because this pillow will support them, but only so much.

How to Find the Best Stuffed Animal for Your Child

Finding the best stuffed animal for your little one can be difficult. The animals that we selected are great, but if they don't work for you, check out this guide so that you know what to look for. The guide contains some excellent information and will even tell you how to build a home for the stuffed animal that you are getting your child.

Always Buy Age Appropriate Toys

It is very important that you purchase toys that are age appropriate for your child. It simply won't work to buy your child a toy that is too old for him or her because these types of toys can have components that aren't safe for younger children. Conversely, nothing will make an older child unhappier than buying them a stuffed animal that they would find to be too childish. Ebay has a great guide for helping you choose age-appropriate toys for your child.


These toys can get a bit dirty over time, so you'll need to clean them to prevent exposing your child to needless germs. Usually, many of the stuffed animals on the market can be cleaned in a washer but, if you want a more in-depth guide on how to clean a stuffed animal, visit RealSimple.

Best Stuffed Animals Conclusion

Finding the best stuffed animals for your child can help build memories. Providing your child with a toy like this is a bonding experience between you and your child. Our guide has provided several great toys for your child to play with, so take a look at our options, decide if they work for your little one, and purchase a new stuffed animal that your child will love for years to come.

Best Pick: Aurora 0 World Lil Benny Phant

Best Stuffed Animals

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