Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100

Last updated: January 24, 2017

Stress has become an inescapable fact of life for almost everybody these days. External noises like honking in mindboggling traffic, the clanging of metals, the screeching of vehicles, and many other types of disconcerting noises or sounds can greatly increase stress levels. Modern technology now enables you to block or cancel out disturbing noises or clamors in several ways.

These best noise cancelling headphones under $100 offer an almost failsafe way of filtering out dissonant or jarring noises while amplifying the melodious sounds that you love to hear.





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Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones Review

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones


  1. Lightweight
  2. Comfortable padding
  3. 32 dB of noise cancellation
H840 Audiophile Over-the-ear  Noise-Isolating Headphones-Blue by Edifier Review

H840 Audiophile Over-the-ear
Noise-Isolating Headphones-Blue by Edifier


  1. Fantastic quality for the price
  2. Leather headrest
  3. 1 year warranty
Sony MDRXB950BT/B Extra Bass  Bluetooth Headphones (Black) by Sony Review

Sony MDRXB950BT/B Extra Bass
Bluetooth Headphones (Black) by Sony


  1. Bluetooth connectivity
  2. Extra bass
  3. Built-in mic
H501 Active Noise  Cancelling Headphones Review

H501 Active Noise
Cancelling Headphones


  1. Removes unwanted noises by 92%
  2. 50 hours of battery life
  3. Rotating earcups for comfort
  4. Great for road trips
XJ-500 Wireless  Headphones by Naztech Review

XJ-500 Wireless
Headphones by Naztech


  1. 40mm drivers
  2. Bluetooth
  3. Built-in microphone
  4. Hard carrying case

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones

  • Best sound quality for the price
  • Closed-ear design allows for 32 dB attenuation
  • Padded earcups
  • Lightweight
Best Overall
Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones Review

The Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones, available for just under $100, do a terrific job of reducing the amplitude of surrounding noise up to the extent of 32dB. In simple terms, that means your eardrums pick up notes from any or all musical instruments played along with the vocals of the singer and hear exactly what the sound engineer heard while it was being recorded.

The HD 280 Pro headset is a binaural-type earpiece that comes equipped with an ergonomically-designed headband that has a swiveling and collapsible ear cup at either end. The impedance (the amount of current that will flow through) of the headphones is perfect, enabling it to be placed over the ears while recording in a studio or simply enjoying music.


  • Binaural headphones that can filter out or attenuate up to 32dB
  • Ergonomic design and lightweight form makes for comfortable wearing.
  • Rotating ear cups that can be collapsed leading to greater comfort.
  • ​Ear cups are heavily padded which prevents eardrums from getting stressed out even after extended listening periods.
  • ​The headband and cords are padded which adds to the product life cycle.


  • The headband is constructed out of plastic - tends to crack in the long run.
  • The headband is not replaceable in case it gets damaged within the warranty period.

H840 Audiophile Over-the-ear Noise-Isolating Headphones-Blue by Edifier

  • Great bang for the buck
  • Leather headrest
  • 1 year warranty
  • One of the cheapest, but highly rated
Best Price
H840 Audiophile Over-the-ear Noise-Isolating Headphones-Blue by Edifier Review

You can fit the H840 Audiophile over-the-ear noise-isolating headphones on your head and forget about what’s happening in the world.  Thanks to its transducers outfitted with Neodymium magnets that reproduce high-quality stereophonic sound, this is one of the best headphones on the market today. The headband has been designed keeping ergonomic aspects in mind allowing you to place it firmly over your head without compromising comfort. The earcups have been fashioned out of premium quality leather that enhances your listening comfort, and the thick padding protects your ears from the sound waves when you listen at a high volume. The headband, made from reinforced steel, is extremely durable. The H840 Audiophile from Edifier is one of the cheaper offerings, thus offering you much more than what you are paying.


  • Does a very good job of reproducing and amplifying sound without being loud because of the Neodymium magnets.
  • The design and the components combine to reduce and blank out outside noise.
  • The steel headrest is couched in leather that sits comfortably on your head enabling you to keep it on your head for hours.
  • ​The leather-cushioned and padded cups cover your ears perfectly ensuring that external sound waves don’t rush in.
  • The 3.5mm gold-plated plug is compatible with most digital devices.


  • There is no volume button on the speaker.
  • The wires that connect the headset with the cups is very thin.

Sony MDRXB950BT/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones (Black) by Sony

  • Bluetooth connectivity allows for mobility
  • Built-in mic, useful for gaming
  • Extra bass, great for music, movies, and gaming
  • Cushioned earpads
Best Overall
Sony MDRXB950BT/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones (Black) by Sony Review

Sony is an electronics giant that is synonymous with creating premium quality audio and video gadgets. You know you’ve hit the acoustic sweet spot when you treat your eardrums to music belted out by MDRXB950 BT/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones from Sony. The MDRXB950 BT/B is one of the best noise-cancelling headphones that offers you a unique and memorable auditory experience, thanks to its powerful transducers fitted with 40mm magnetic driver units belting out audio at a frequency range of 20-20,000 Hz.

This headset by Sony also allows you to stream audio from any Bluetooth as well as NFC-enabled gadgets wirelessly. The cushioned ear cups hug your ears closely without causing discomfort which means your eardrums pick up every high, low, and medium note or beat. The rotating cups can also be folded flat, thus making them extremely portable. The built-in microphone enables you to accept calls in a hands-free manner.


  • Button for monitoring bass levels
  • Bluetooth and NFC audio streaming with support for AAC and apt-X
  • Rechargeable battery allows you to enjoy extended listening sessions
  • Ergonomic design means complete wearing and listening comfort
  • 40mm driver units for a stretched frequency response


  • The headset not only cancels but also blocks out all forms of noise which can be risky or hazardous in some circumstances.
  • The product has the tendency to warm up especially in areas that are without climate/temperature control systems.

H501 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

  • Active noise cancelling reduces unwanted noise by 92%
  • Great for airplanes, road trips, or commuting
  • 50 hours of battery life with removable battery
  • Inline microphone
Great For Travel
H501 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

The H501 circum-aural headphones with inline microphone come in perfectly handy when it comes to blocking out external noises or disturbances. This earpiece has built-in driver units that are fitted with Neodymium Iron Boron magnets that do an excellent job of reproducing audio characterized by powerful bass and rich trebles. What your ears get to hear is sound that is seamlessly balanced containing the perfect mix of highs, mediums, and lows.

The noise-cancellation technology is exploited by the headset to muffle the roar of jet engines, noisy traffic, and so on. The ear cups are padded with memory foam that doesn’t stress the ears even if you’ve been tuned in for many hours. The H501 Active Noise Cancellation binaural headphones can be set up with a range of digital gadgets including iPhones, android smartphones, laptops, MP3, iPods, iPads, and much more.


  • Designed for enjoying music during long-haul flights
  • Stereophonic headphones outfitted with NdFeB magnetic driver units which amplifies sound seamlessly
  • Adjustable headband
  • Swiveling ear cups
  • Ear cups cushioned with memory foam
  • Compatible for connecting with a host of digital gadgets
  • Inline microphone works with Android and iOS gadgets


  • Lacks mid-range frequency response
  • ​The internal pouch is somewhat small
  • ​The inline microphone cord is somewhat delicate
  • ​Ear cups may not fit comfortably on all ears

XJ-500 Wireless Headphones by Naztech

  • 40mm drivers deliver quality sound
  • Bluetooth 4.1 allows for great connectivity
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • Hard carrying case allows for worry free packing

The XJ-500 Wireless Headphones from Naztech excel when it comes to generating HD or stereophonic audio.  They are efficient at streaming Bluetooth 4.1 audiom, compatible with Apt X Codec, and allow you to listen to music for nearly 20 hours at a stretch on a single charge of the battery. The XJ-500 is reinforced with transducer units having Neodymium magnets that reflect high-quality audio.

The ear cups have been fashioned out of superior grade materials and padded with memory foam that embraces your ears closely without causing discomfort resulting in an immersive acoustic experience. The headset comes with a built-in microphone, easy-to-use control knobs, and an aux cable with 3.5mm jack that can be plugged into non-Bluetooth audio gadgets.


  • The ergonomic design means that the headphones can fit on most heads.
  • Wearable for long periods without causing discomfort
  • Crisp, clear sound reproduction due to transducers fitted with Neodymium magnets
  • Powerful battery
  • Built-in microphone


  • The bass gets muffled and distorted when listening at high volumes.
  • More efficient in noise reduction than noise cancellation

Value Section

The best noise cancelling headphones allow you to enjoy music, video games, or movies without outside interruption. So, when it comes to choosing a pair of noise-eliminating earpieces, you would certainly prefer to settle for one that does the primary job (screening out distressing or unsettling noises) effectively. Undoubtedly, a quality noise-cancelling headset doesn’t come cheap, and most premium brands like Sennheiser and Bose are often over $100. If price is not a deciding or determining factor, then you shouldn't settle for anything less than the best headphones that money can buy.

However, if you’re on the lookout for cheaper noise-cancelling headphones that are priced below $100, then you won't be disheartened either. There’s an array of headphones available in the market that excel in noise reduction and cancelling and, sometimes, you don't necessarily get what you pay for. So, if you expect your headphones to cancel out the loud buzz of an airplane taking off or landing, then you should consider purchasing more expensive headphones; however, if you want to purchase headphones for moderate noise reduction and blocking, we have some excellent choices for you.

Don't make the mistake of underestimating the effectiveness of the cheaper noise-cancelling headphones; they will drown out noises of passengers talking to each other or a baby crying two seats behind you. The best noise-cancelling headphones listed below are remarkably effective when it comes to toning down outside noises and blocking inharmonious tones.

Conclusion for Best Noise Cancelling Headphones under $100

So, there you have it - the five best noise-cancelling headphones priced less than $100. If you are on a tight budget, you can choose the H840 Audiophile from Edifier. On the other hand, the best noise cancelling headphones under $100 would be the HD 280's.

Best Pick: Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones

Best noise cancelling headphones under $100

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