Best CPAP Hose Holder

Best CPAP Hose Holder Reviews
Last updated: January 30, 2017

Even after getting the best CPAP machine and mask to treat your sleep apnea, you may still suffer from poor sleep due to one important issue, your CPAP hose getting in the way.  Many people have problems with their hoses getting tangled when they move around at night. Another issue is getting the hose in just the right position to avoid it moving your mask. A tangled hose can cause your mask to come loose during the night causing air leaks which will affect your CPAP therapy. It can also blow air into your eyes making them swell (which is no fun.) In this review, I will help you find the best CPAP hose holder.


Duracare CPAP Hose Holder Review

Duracare CPAP
Hose Holder

North American Healthcare CPAP Hose Holder Review

North American Healthcare
CPAP hose holder

HoseBuddy Tangle Free
CPAP Hose Suspension System






  1. Installs easily in seconds
  2. Tangle free CPAP hose
  3. Easily folds for storage
  1. Slips right between your mattress
  2. Tangle free CPAP hose
  3. CPAP tubing tangle free
  1. 4.5 lbs. travel weight
  2. Lifetime warranty
  3. Rod is made of solid steel

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Getting a CPAP hose tangled is a common complaint. It doesn’t sound like a serious issue, but anything that reduces your ability to get the therapy and sleep you need should be taken seriously.

Many CPAP hoses are quite durable, but damage can occur if they are pulled the wrong way. Bending the hose can also lead to condensation forming in the areas where there are kinks. That condensation can end up splashing on your face at night, a problem called rainout, which will likely cause discomfort. A CPAP hose cover can reduce rainout and stop some hoses from becoming tangled, but they don't offer any support. Supporting your CPAP hose is one way to improve comfort.

Problems From CPAP Hose Getting Tangled

  • ​Can effect your CPAP therapy and cause poor sleep
  • Causes damage to the CPAP hose
  • Can pull on your mask, causing air leaks
  • Increases chance of rainout

Purchasing a good CPAP hose holder can save you many sleepless nights and ensure that you are getting the proper therapy. It is a simple solution to an annoying problem. Below are my recommendations for the best CPAP hose holders.

Duracare CPAP Hose Holder Review

Eliminate tangles with the Duracare CPAP hose holder by keeping your hose moving with you during the night.

This one is lightweight, yet sturdy. The base of it fits under your mattress on top of the box spring, so it can be moved to the most convenient locations on your bed.

If you are a side sleeper, the hose can come down from above your head and swivel side to side as you turn, keeping the hose from going underneath you.

It only takes a few seconds set up this hose holder as it is similar to a tent with an elastic cord in the tube frame. Once it is out of the bag, it snaps together. Just slide the base under your mattress where you like it, and put your hose in the hook. You may need a few nights to figure out the best placement for you.

This make a great travel CPAP hose holder, as well. It weighs approximately half a pound and folds up to fit neatly into a bag that can be added to your luggage.

North American Healthcare CPAP hose holder

This is another easy to set up CPAP hose holder that fits between your mattress and box spring.

Having a hose holder that goes anywhere is a real benefit to those that want to have their hose go up over their head. If you don’t have a headboard, you can put the base of the stand under your mattress essentially under your head. This cannot be done with a stand that has its base on the floor.

The hook that holds the hose is attached to a swivel so it can move as you move. The holder is made of coiled plastic that holds your hose well, while being smooth enough for the hose to move easily as it is pulled.

It is great for travel as it snaps apart and then back into place in seconds. It weighs less than a pound and folds up nicely into a travel bag.

HoseBuddy Tangle Free CPAP Hose Suspension System

If you don’t plan on traveling with your CPAP hose holder or have one specifically for travel, I recommend this CPAP hose holder by HoseBuddy.

HoseBuddy Tangle Free CPAP Hose Suspension System

It is very sturdy and solid. Like the others already reviewed, the base goes under the mattress. The difference here is that it is much thicker and stronger than a travel hose holder.

Something that I like about this hose holder are the velcro straps that keep the hose from dangling. The whole base swivels rather than just the hook where the hose attaches.

A nice feature is the hook at the end of the arm where you can hang your mask to keep it off of your night table or bed when not in use.

The Hozer

This unique hose holder resembles and functions much like a fishing rod. The tip is very flexible and maneuverable.

Not only does the holder allow you to move without the hose getting tangled, but also it flexes so it gently lifts the hose away from your mask when you move keeping the hose above you and out of the way.

This hose holder is extremely adjustable so it accommodates you moving around in your bed. If you are a person who tosses and turns and often finds your hose wrapped around you, then this hose holder is just for you. You may have even tried other hose holders and been dissatisfied.


Can I use these hose holder stands on an adjustable bed?

Many of the manufacturers of these CPAP hose holders don’t recommend that you use the under-mattress style hose holders with an adjustable bed.

If you have an adjustable bed, you may want to try a floor-mounted hose holder stand.

Will a hose fitted with an insulator cover still work with a hose holder?

In most cases, the hose holder hook is very wide and can easily accommodate the extra width from a hose cover.

Best CPAP Hose Holder Reviews - Final Thoughts

If you are still having trouble getting used to sleeping with your CPAP machine, don’t give up.

Accessories like the CPAP hose holder are made to make sure you are getting the most out of your CPAP therapy. If you find yourself awake at night due to your hose getting in the way, this is a very simple solution that will save you many sleepless nights.

That goes for your partner, too. Many times your hose is not just getting in your way; it is also getting in your partner's way.

For very little money, you can get the rest you have been looking for.

Getting your hose out of the way may be the last step in finally getting comfortable with the setup of your CPAP therapy. We hope you've enjoyed our best CPAP hose holder review. Now try one and stop having a tangled CPAP hose!

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