Best CPAP Hose Cover Reviews

Best CPAP Hose Cover Reviews
Last updated: January 4th, 2017

CPAP hose covers have many uses all of which are beneficial for different reasons. Some of those reasons include stopping rainout, limiting noise, offering protection from pets, and others. In this guide, I will provide reviews on the best CPAP hose cover reviews that I believe will solve some of your problems.


How To Stop Rainout

Rainout. That dreaded event most CPAP machine users have experienced. In case you're wondering what rainout is, I'll explain.

When you use the humidifier on your CPAP machine, the air inside the hose is warm. When the air outside the hose is cooler, water can start to condense. This is the same process that makes cool drinks "sweat" on a warm day, except a rainout happens on the inside of the hose. Sometimes it builds up so much condensation that it ends up making it to your mask and splashing your face.

You can turn down your humidifier settings, but that might not stop a rainout.​ The best way to prevent rainout is by using a CPAP hose cover (also called a CPAP tube cover.) The best CPAP hose covers act as insulation, reducing the chance of condensation.

When that condensation builds up, some people will turn up the heat in their bedroom. This is unnecessary and can give you a shock when you get your heating bill.

Others might just turn down the temperature of the humidifier. That can end up blowing cold air into your mask making it uncomfortable to sleep.

A CPAP hose cover is the best way to prevent a standard CPAP tube from the dreaded rainout.

I have written this CPAP machine hose cover review to help you find the best hose cover for your needs. Next, I'll list some of the top selling tube covers.

ResMed Hose Cover

ResMed is one of the top CPAP equipment manufacturers. They created a 6-foot tube cover that fits any 6-foot CPAP hose, either a regular or slimline model. It will fit around a ClimateLine tube as well.

​It conveniently has a full length zipper to make the fitting a breeze.

This CPAP hose cover is made from a durable nylon. I have a ClimateLine tube, and the main reason I bought this was to stop my pets from chewing on my CPAP hose. The night after I put this on, my pets showed absolutely no interest.  I was very relieved as I didn't want to keep purchasing new tubes.

Another interesting benefit of using a CPAP tube cover is its added weight. I don't use the full 6 feet, so I toss the hose over my headboard, and the tube would rub and drag, making awful noises any time I moved. After using a ResMed hose cover and getting that slight extra weight, it is now quiet and doesn't make any bothersome noise when I move.

Another added benefit is the velcro to keep the zipper tucked in place.  In addition, this cover will stop cats who want to play with the hose at night.  Not all covers have this feature.​

For all of these reasons, I believe this is the best CPAP hose cover available on the market today.​


  • Durable material will last for years
  • Stops pets from chewing on CPAP hose
  • Easy to fit around your tube
  • Added weight reduces bed drag
  • Velcro strap to keep zipper tucked away


  • Only good for CPAP hoses 6 feet long
  • Pricier than other hose covers

SnuggleHose CPAP Cover

SnuggleHose covers are very popular but, for a time, they were known to be difficult to put over hoses. They now have a wider opening with a velcro seal. That makes it very easy to just slide the hose cover over the hose and close the ends with the velcro.

Why not just have a zipper to open it up like other leading hose covers? Some people don’t like the cold feel of a zipper during the night if the hose ends up on an exposed part of the body. This eliminates that cold feeling and still keeps the cover tightly on the hose.

For use on standard 6-foot hoses, it does a great job at reducing rainout. The Snugglehose comes in different colors as well.

The SnuggleHose comes in different sizes. Choose from 4 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet, and 10 feet as well as various colors.

Tender Tubing CPAP Tubing Insulator Cover

A full zipper and a reversible cover deliver a helpful CPAP insulated hose cover. It is easy to get this cover on the hose. One side of the material is fleece for softness; the other side is smooth polyester. Besides the comfort, you will notice a dramatic decrease in rainout when you use this CPAP hose cover. This cover fits a standard 6-foot hose.

If your hose is often resting on your face, or you tend to lay your arm on it, the fleece side will feel comfortable. The other, smoother side prevents drag on your bedding.


  • Reversible
  • Provides great insulation
  • Machine washable
  • Added weight reduces bed drag


  • Zipper doesn't fully zip on all hose models
  • Pets might want to play with the fleece side

Respironics CPAP Tubing Wrap

Philips Respironics make the DreamStation CPAP machines. Though you can use this hose insulator cover with any standard 6-foot hose, it works great when you are using a Respironics CPAP machine.

This cover is very easy to put on the hose since the open ends are wide. They are fitted with velcro fasteners to make a tight seal which prevents the cover from sliding down the hose and losing its insulating properties. It is made with a thick material to really help in cutting down the condensation by keeping the hose warm.

The fleece cover is comfortable if you end up with your hose rubbing against you at night.

Other benefits to using a CPAP tube cover

The most obvious benefit and reason to use a CPAP hose cover is that it decreases the chance of rainout in your mask. That isn't the only reason to consider getting one though.

People with pets, especially cats, find that they enjoy finding new toys to play with. With a hose cover, they usually lose interest and stop chewing it. If for some reason they do continue, there is at least a little more protection against punctures.

As mentioned, comfort is a big factor. Even if you don’t experience rainout, a hose cover is something you might want to consider having. Cold plastic against your skin is not the most pleasant feeling when trying to sleep.

Seeing a plastic tube can make for a clinical atmosphere in the bedroom. Using a cover can soften the appearance of the CPAP hose and make the room look and feel a bit more cozy. SnuggleHose has many different cover options to allow your personality to shine through.

Noise is also a factor when using a CPAP machine. The new machines are very quiet, but the sound of the air passing through can be a bit loud. A CPAP tube insulator can block some of that sound.

Can I use a CPAP hose cover with a heated hose?

Yes, you can. I actually do, using a ClimateLine tube and the ResMed tube cover.​ This is the ultimate combination to stopping rainout.

Where should I buy a CPAP hose cover?

You will likely be directed to your DME (Durable Medical Equipment) supplier to buy one of these hose covers. Since these are not necessary for the operation of the CPAP machine and do not aid in your therapy, they won’t be covered by your insurance.

That means you will be charged much more for a hose cover at your DME supplier than if you purchase one online.

It is my recommendation that you save yourself the money and order a hose cover online. You have more choice as well, since most medical suppliers may only have a limited selection to choose from.

Best CPAP Hose Cover Reviews - Final Thoughts

Making your sleep apnea therapy as comfortable as possible is not just about being luxurious or spoiling yourself.

It is inherently uncomfortable to use a CPAP machine. Anything that you can do to make it more comfortable means you are more likely to continue the therapy and not give up simply because you  aren’t sleeping well.

Fortunately, more CPAP machine manufacturers are considering comfort when they design their machines; however, an insulated CPAP tube cover will help you where they come up short. Hopefully, you have enjoyed my review for the best CPAP hose cover.

You owe it to yourself to make this therapy a comfortable experience. Let me know how these work out for you, or if you have any other product suggestions to increase sleep apnea comfort.

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