3 Haircuts that Don’t Require Styling – Best Haircuts For Sleep

If your workday mornings involve repeatedly hitting the snooze button every five minutes, you may be one of millions of Americans who don't get enough sleep. One in three adults sleep less than seven hours a night, which can increase risks for health conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease.

It can be difficult to enjoy a full night of sleep when your alarm clock rudely reminds you that you need to wake up, shower, eat breakfast and start your daily grooming rituals. Hair care may involve at least several minutes of standing in front of the mirror, tired and frustrated with uncooperative curls and tangles. Thirty minutes spent combing and styling hair can instead be a comfortable half-hour of well-deserved rest, for guys who choose low-maintenance hairstyles. Save yourself precious time every morning with one of these cuts, which guarantee a great look with minimal effort. Keep reading to find the best haircuts for sleep.


Classic Taper

Classic Taper Haircut for Sleep

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A timeless look that never goes out of style, the classic taper is both masculine and practical. This cut features tapered sides that smoothly blend into a slightly longer top, which can be combed back or parted to one side for personal preference. You can keep growth in check at home with an electric razor such as the Braun M90 Portable Shaver. You can check for the lowest prices on Amazon.com, an affordable essential for men's hair care.

The classic taper is ideal for a wide variety of face shapes, contributing to its continuing popularity among men of all ages. You'll find that the cut is very flexible, offering a professional and mature look at shorter lengths, and a contemporary, fashionable appearance at longer lengths. For the purpose of having self-styled hair, try keeping this one at about 1/4 of an inch.​

Morning maintenance is easy, and you may find that a comfortable​ cooling pillow helps prevent night sweats that cause unnecessary matting and tangling.

French​ Crop

French Crop haircut for sleep

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​Unlike the classic taper, the French crop has very short tapered sides with a distinguished fringe. This hairstyle is simple to maintain with clippers and a quick trim, and remains a very popular men's cut due to its ability to compliment nearly any face shape. Keeping this look manageable and attractive is a breeze, especially at shorter lengths. Allowing the fringe to grow out will make this style resemble a trendy undercut, which can always be conveniently concealed under a hat if windblown or otherwise unruly.

​Contrary to popular belief, hats do not contribute to baldness, so wear a cap if it suits your style! When touching up at home, remember to leave the top a bit longer than the rest for best results. This cut varies greatly in length depending on preference. Your fringe can be up to 2 inches in length while requiring only minimal maintenance.

Buzz Cut​

Buzz Cut haircut for sleep

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If you really want to save time, consider rocking this military-approved men's hairstyle. Buzz cuts are best kept very short all around, about 1/8 of an inch. This classic style is by far the simplest way to look sharp while minimizing effort. Think of all the time you would have spent combing and applying hair products; instead, you'll be enjoying up to an hour of extra sleep that others are missing out on. All you need is a set of clippers and five minutes to keep your buzz cut short and sleek. As long as you can reach the back of your head, you should have no problem buzzing everything down to a soft, velvety layer of fuzz. Just remember to use a mirror to be sure you've clipped all the excess hair away, and you're good to go.

Conclusion - Best Haircuts For Sleep

If all else fails, always remember that clean shaven is an option. In Hollywood, guys like Patrick Stewart and Sam Jackson have paved the way for men with smooth scalps, proving that you don't need a full head of hair to be an extraordinary gentleman. Any of these cuts will save you several hours of prep time every week, ensuring that you finally get the rest you deserve. Best of all, you'll look handsome and stylish, giving you the confidence to match your newfound energy after enjoying plenty of shut-eye. What are you waiting for? Grab those clippers and try out a classic taper, French crop or buzz cut today as they are the best haircuts for sleep. Friends and family are sure to love the new style, and you'll certainly notice yourself looking in the mirror a lot more often as well.​

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