Finding the best herb combination out there: Best Tea for Sleep

Last updated: January 9, 2017

When it comes to disturbed sleep patterns, one of the worst things that can happen to you is insomnia. Also known as sleeplessness, this sleeping disorder affects many people, and it can have terribly adverse effects on your lifestyle, particularly if you must be awake and alert at a set time. In this review, we'll discuss what we feel is the best tea for sleep.

If you aren't managing to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night (or day, depending on your working shift), the results can impair your working potential. You may feel down, low on energy, and easily irritable. To battle this annoying occurrence, the best thing you can do is fix your diet, try to lower your stress level, and break certain bad habits that might be triggering insomnia, such as excessive drinking.

In addition, you may try some additional means of relaxing and improving your sleep. Possibly the easiest and most natural solution is drinking tea.  Yes, that's right.  Drinking the right tea may help cure your insomnia. I have assembled a list of the top five  herb combinations with the goal of finding the best tea for insomnia.





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Best Tea for Sleep

YOGI - Yogi Teas Bedtime


  1. Caffeine free
  2. Certified Organic
  3. Soothing blend of herbs that promotes relaxation and sleep
Best Tea for Sleep

ORGANIC INDIA - Organic Tulsi Herbal Tea


  1. Stress relieving organic tea 
  2. Luscious fragrance
  3. Promotes a sense of calmness
Best Tea for Sleep

Cuppa Magic - Relaxing Sleep Tea


  1. Helps insomnia and anxiety
  2. Great tasting tea
  3. 60 day refund guarantee
Best Tea for Sleep

Birds & Bees Teas - Easy Naps & Calm Nights


  1. Caffeine free 
  2. Organic ingredients
  3. Soothing, relaxing and delicious
Best Tea for Sleep

Gaia Herbs - Sleep & Relax Herbal Tea


  1. Pleasant tasting
  2. 100% organic herbs
  3. Promotes relaxation & improves sleep

Insomnia - a sleeping disorder that can leave you stressed out and depressed (unless you drink some tranquilizing tea, that is.)

In a nutshell, insomnia is the inability to get a good night's sleep, and it can manifest itself in either of two ways. You either can't fall asleep at all, or you can fall asleep, but your sleep is often disturbed and not restful. As a consequence, you may feel any of the following irritating and debilitating after effects: daytime sleepiness, low energy, depression and, last but not least, grumpiness. Feeling tired and down can often result in a number of other issues, such as car crashes and an inability to concentrate properly, which impairs working and studying.

This irritating occurrence can either come about on its own or as a result of another problem you might have such as depression, restless leg syndrome, menopause, or substance abuse, especially nicotine and alcohol. As most of the causes for insomnia are clearly observable and easy to recognize, there are a number of treatments for it, and many of them boast excellent success rates.

If you choose to consult your doctor, the first piece of advice he or she will usually have is to make certain lifestyle changes that can help you battle both your sleep disorder and your bad habits. For example, quitting smoking and or eliminating excessive drinking are both often difficult to overcome.  Breaking these bad habits can dramatically reduce the symptoms of insomnia and sometimes even beat it altogether.

Of course, combining the use of teas, which are very inexpensive, with a new, healthier lifestyle is only going to help alleviate your sleeping problem faster.

If you, or somebody you know, has been having problems with insomnia lately, we would like to help you by delivering a top 5 list of the best herbs we have found, so that you may decide on which is the best tea for sleep for you.

YOGI - Yogi Teas Bedtime

  • Caffeine free
  • Certified Organic
  • Soothing blend of herbs that promotes relaxation and sleep
Best Overall
Best Tea for Sleep

If you are into Indian culture, heritage, and food, chances are you are going to love this tea. It represents a mixture of many different herbs which affect your organism in a soothing way. It restores balance and also makes you sleep like a baby.

Yogi tea represents a product of typical Eastern lifestyle philosophy, promoting the improvement of your sleeping patterns, body fluids, and many other things you'd have to learn Sanskrit to understand.

When it comes to the herb mixtures themselves, each of the tea flavors that carry the name of Yogi is made up of at least 100 different herbs and mixtures that range from traditional Chinese plants used in medicine, to some delicious Hindu spice plants used in food and drinks.

The end result is a curious sleep-inducing mixture that both tastes great and does many good things to your body, helping you restore your balance and feel great as a consequence. The taste of this tea has been described as spicy and sweet so, if you like to have your drinks boast a unique taste as well as be healthy, this Indian herb combination from Yogi might be your tea of choice. It is possibly the best tea for sleep on the market.

ORGANIC INDIA - Organic Tulsi Herbal Tea

  • Stress relieving organic tea
  • Luscious fragrance
  • Promotes a sense of calmness
Cheapest Sleep Tea
Best Tea for Sleep

Another great tea originating from India is this organic Tulsi herbal tea, and the fact that it is among the best-selling tea products for disturbed sleep patterns tells it all. The Tulsi plant is one of the things that Indians consider sacred, perhaps not in the same way as cows, but it's somewhere along those lines. It has been confirmed that this plant has a great number of health benefits, and it also boasts quite a reputation as a sleep-inducing plant.

Smoking, for example, is one of the things you can conquer with the help of this magnificent Indian plant. Since the need for nicotine and the addiction that is inevitably connected to it stems from stress, having a cup or two of the Tulsi tea can do wonders by relieving the built-up stress and gradually removing the necessity to smoke.

Also, this tea has been known to help with some of the more difficult or chronic diseases, such as diabetes. Various tests have confirmed that the Tulsi plant, also known as the "holy basil," reduces blood sugar levels up to 20 percent, so consuming a few cups everyday over an extended period of time can prove very beneficial to your entire body and help you battle this disease more successfully.

Cuppa Magic - Relaxing Sleep Tea

  • Helps insomnia and anxiety
  • Great tasting tea
  • 60 day refund guarantee
Best Tea for Sleep

Featuring a simple package with a picture of a woman about to have a night of relaxed sleep after battling insomnia for quite some time, this sleep tea from Cuppa Magic is a 100% organic. This means you can fix your disturbed sleeping patterns and relax after a hard day's work.

The herb mixture that makes this particular tea so unique is the Saffron-Ginger blend enhanced with the Tulsi root for good measure. It helps with insomnia, anxiety, and restlessness by providing you with a tasty flavor and an easy-to-digest structure.

Some of the other plants that play an important part in this mixture include the ulcer-healing licorice, rose buds which are responsible for preventing infections and clearing acne among other things, and lemon grass which hydrates the skin and helps resolve issues connected with the digestive system. Also included in this offer is a 60-day money back guarantee, which offers a refund if your body doesn't respond well to this tea.

Birds & Bees Teas - Easy Naps & Calm Nights

  • Caffeine free
  • Organic ingredients
  • Soothing, relaxing and delicious
Great for Naps
Best Tea for Sleep

If you have been having sleep problems recently and are pregnant, this herb mixture from Birds & Beas Teas can be a lifesaver for you. As a recommendation for this particular brand of tea, it has  been featured in a pregnancy and newborn magazine which considered it an "A-List necessity" for all pregnant women, especially if they suffer from lack of sleep.

Another great feature is that this tea does not contain any caffeine, which is a good thing considering that it is caffeine that can become addictive.

This tea is made out of a carefully picked and organized bunch of herbs, making a cocktail of healthy ingredients. Some of the herbs included are Skullcap, Lavender, and Chamomile. Of course, there are many other herbs in the list of ingredients, but these are the most prominent ones.

Gaia Herbs - Sleep & Relax Herbal Tea

  • Pleasant tasting
  • 100% organic herbs
  • Promotes relaxation & improves sleep
Best Tea for Sleep

Made out of frozen lemon balm extract, this sleep pattern-improving tea from Gaia Herbs is a healthy way to cure insomnia and get a good night's sleep. Since this mixture includes a number of plants that act as a means of relaxation for your nervous system, this tea can restore your broken napping sessions and make your life much easier and more healthy.

Also, thanks to its soothing properties, this tea helps lessen your symptoms of agitation and restlessness, so it can be a perfect way to end a busy day. Altogether, this can be a natural alternative to sleeping pills, which are often expensive and not necessarily effective.

Best Tea for Sleep Conclusion

In summary, no matter which one of the five teas you choose to purchase, you won't make a mistake. Whether it is a curious spicy Indian mixture or some sort of Western tea for insomnia, sleep-improving teas are not only less expensive but also more soothing and tasty than various pills and other artificially-fabricated sleep and relaxation drugs. I hope you find this brief review helpful in deciding what might be the best tea for sleep on the market today.

Our Best Pick: YOGI - Yogi Teas Bedtime

Best Tea for Sleep

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