Best Cooling Mattress Pad: Our List of the Top Rated

Last updated: December 27, 2016

You may not know this, but lack of sleep can have a severe impact on every aspect of your life. Uncomfortable temperatures have been identified as the most common reason for a poor night’s sleep. While buying a cooling pad for your bed may be the most common solution, there are dozens of cooling mattress pads out there that promise to be the best, making a wise selection complicated for a sleepless customer. There is no need to compromise on quality sleep any longer than you already have. In this article, we make your selection process easier by listing the best cooling mattress pad options.





Our Rating

Best Cooling Mattress Pad

Advanced Sleep Solutions
Gel Memory Foam Topper


  1. 2" Thick
  2. Gel memory foam
  3. Prevents motion circulation
  4. Dissipates heat
Cool Shield  No Allergy Waterproof Mattress Protector Review

Cool Shield No Allergy
Waterproof Mattress Protector


  1. Hygienic no allergy
  2. Waterproof
  3. Silent when moving
  4. Made of high-quality cotton terry
Shield Life Cool Pad Review

Shield Life Cool Pad


  1. Portable and lightweight
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Perfect cure for hot flashes
LINENSPA Instant Cooling Pad  with Phase Change Material Review

LINENSPA Instant Cooling Pad
with Phase Change Material


  1. Great for travel
  2. Easy to cean
  3. Cools quickly
  4. Uniform cooling on entire surface

Advanced Sleep Solutions Gel Memory Foam Topper

  • 2" Thick
  • Gel memory foam
  • Prevents motion circulation
  • Dissipates heat
Best Overall
Advanced Sleep Solutions Gel Memory Foam Topper Review

Are you looking for the best mattress pads for cooling purposes? Your search might end here if you need something on the thinner side, for an affordable price. This gel memory foam topper is 2-inches thick and is made of superior quality memory foam that is designed to give you absolute comfort. This topper is built to perfection with just the right amount of softness to alleviate pressure on your side of the bed. Your partner is also guaranteed to experience sounder sleep as it prevents motion circulation and movement that can disturb them.

What makes it an ideal mattress topper for cooling purposes is its ability to dissipate heat and odor effortlessly. People who have used this mattress pad like the fact that it stays intact on top of the mattress. You just need to put it on a firm mattress, and you can almost guarantee a good night’s sleep.


  • Dissipates odor and heat easily
  • Uses flame retardants or formaldehyde making it environmentally friendly
  • Allows breathability because of its open-cell structure
  • Offers high quality at low budget price
  • Uses CertiPUR-US certified foam


  • Lack of firmness due to low density rate
  • Not for you if you are looking for something thicker
  • Takes 24 hours to be ready for use

Advanced Sleep Solutions mattress topper is a perfect choice for you if you want comfort at a reasonable price. This cooling mattress pad is eco-friendly and created by a company who understands the concept of heat dissipation.

Cool Shield No Allergy Waterproof Mattress Protector

  • Hygienic no allergy
  • Waterproof
  • Silent when moving
  • Made of high-quality cotton terry
Cool Shield No Allergy Waterproof Mattress Protector Review

Since no one wants to compromise on complete comfort, you will find the Cool Shield mattress protector to be a good value. This hygienic no allergy waterproof cooling pad is what you need to ensure the well-being of your family. This protector has been designed using fluid-proof technology that absorbs fluids and assures you comfortable sleep at night. If you have a habit of tossing a lot until you slip into a deep sleep, then you may have switched mattresses at least once to try and lessen that disturbing crinkling sound. The Cool Shield protector is made of advanced technology that doesn’t make any sound, even if you move a lot. In fact, it is made of high-quality cotton terry that is durable and retains the feel of your existing mattress.

Being allergic to dust mites can be a huge sleep disruptor and is very detrimental to your health, but not when you have the no allergy Cool Shield protector. It will turn out to be your best cooling mattress pad as you sleep peacefully for long periods of time. This topper provides total protection against dust mites, allergens, mold, bacteria and fluids along with the comfort of soft and cozy terry cotton.

Following are several reasons why you will be content with your Cool Shields protector purchase:


  • Offers 10-year guarantee
  • Provides complete protection from allergens, dander, liquids, stains, etc.
  • Regulates restful sleeping temperature
  • Can be washed in a washing machine
  • Can be used on all kinds of mattresses


  • Some reviewers felt that the cooling mattress pad was too hot to sleep on
  • Allergies reported due to use of polyester
  • Lacks tight fit
  • Slightly overpriced

All in all, it is a good investment if you know what you are looking for from your mattress cooling pad. Don't worry about the expensive price tag; just keep watching for discounts, and you may find a deal that offers slashed prices, sometimes even as low as one-third of the price.

Shield Life Cool Pad

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect cure for hot flashes
Shield Life Cool Pad Review

Shield Life Cool Pad is an ideal cooling pad for your bed, making your bed a comfortable place to sleep. If you have hot nights ahead of you, this pad will ensure that you sleep like a baby. If you travel and need a comfortable night’s sleep regardless of where you go, then you need to try this cooling pad. It will keep you cool and relaxed through the warm nights, and its cooling crystals rejuvenate throughout the day to be ready again the following night. You can enjoy complete comfort thanks to a generous layer of memory foam with large cooling zones right in the middle.

This topper uses the latest technology of convection and conduction to absorb heat and allow the cooling crystals to keep you cool during your sleep, making it the best mattress pad for cooling your bed. All it takes is one minute to absorb heat and condense the surface temperature by at least 10 degrees. The best thing is that this mattress uses energy-free technology which means you do not have to use any electricity to prepare your cooling pad.

So far, this is the best cooling mattress pad for the money.  It is made up of aerated nylon fabric that makes it long lasting and light weight. In addition, its simple and compact construction allows you to use this pad both at home and away from home.


  • Portable and lightweight cooling pad for your bed
  • Maximum air flow facilitated with the help of breathable surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Keeps you cool while you sleep
  • Perfect cure for hot flashes at night


  • Takes 24 hours for the cooling crystals to work again
  • Poor fit on the mattress
  • Stiff and uncomfortable when used for an extended period

It would not be an overstatement to call Shield Life the best mattress pad for cooling your bed, especially if you suffer from night sweats and hot flashes. The cooling crystals keep the bed surface cool, making it easier to fall asleep on hot nights. It is a good investment if your sleep disorders are related to excessive body heat at night.

LINENSPA Instant Cooling Pad with Phase Change Material

  • Great for travel
  • Easy to clean
  • Cools quickly
  • Uniform cooling throughout the surface
LINENSPA Instant Cooling Pad with Phase Change Material Review

If you live in a place that experiences a warm climate, or you use a dense memory foam that lacks airflow, you can bring home a cooling mattress topper that acts as an affordable solution to overheating. LINENSPA Instant Cooling Pad is your solution to unbearable nights spent in hot flashes or night sweats. It is an inexpensive alternative to buying a whole new mattress while giving you the comfort of an extra layer.

For some people, waking up in the middle of the night due to hot flashes or night sweats is a common occurrence. This is why it is recommended you buy a cooling mattress topper to resolve your problem. With the help of the cooling pad, your body remains cool due to increased air flow, keeping you comfortable for longer periods of time. LINENSPA Instant Cooling pad meets that requirement  in a budget-friendly way.

This dynamic cooling pad uses phase change material as a filament that ensures hours of undisturbed comfort. You can use this cooling pad not just at home but also in your car or anywhere else. This portable and easy-to-clean cooling pad can be carried anywhere and takes just a few minutes to restore its cooling state.

Experiencing a lot of hot spells during the day due to increased body temperature can be uncomfortable and frustrating. However, this cooling pad will regulate the temperature immediately and provide instant relief. The phase change substance inside the pad is made of microcapsules that are filled with heat storage elements. When your body’s temperature increases, it signals the filling inside the pad to turn from a solid state to liquid. Soon, you will feel the pad’s temperature starting to drop as the pad cools you off. As soon as you remove the pad from the source of heat, the particles coagulate and regain their solid form.


  • Flexible pad can be easily folded and carried anywhere
  • Easy to clean due to vinyl cover
  • Cools again within 10-20 minutes
  • Intelligent design with channels that eliminate shifting of the material
  • Uniform cooling throughout the surface


  • Material inside the pad may clump together
  • Very Small
  • Slides easily
  • Plastic ridges feel hard
  • Doesn’t stay cool for long

You can get alot out of this cooling pad if you have realistic expectations. While it may not cool you off throughout the night, it does work wonders when you are experiencing hot flashes and need a cool surface to feel normal again. It is fairly priced and does best at what it is designed to do - make you feel cooler than the room temperature. Just put the cool pad against your skin to enjoy the maximum benefits. When it starts to feel warm again, just put it aside for awhile until the phase change material solidifies again.

Best Cooling Mattress Pad Conclusion

You cannot put a price tag on a good night’s sleep; it is far too precious for that. What you can do is determine your sleep requirements and invest in the best mattress pad for cooling you on warm summer nights. By now, you should know that your mattress may not be as clean, cool, and comfortable as you think it is. By adding an extra layer with a mattress topper, you can make a huge improvement to your sleep quality.

Our Best Pick:

Advanced Sleep Solutions Gel Memory Foam Topper

Red Nomad Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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